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Okcoil Machinery Company is a professional rolling ring linear drive manufacturer (also called traverse unit, rolling ring drive, linear motor drive). Okcoil has become the first choice for thousands of chinese factories since 1985 when Okcoil invented the first rolling ring linear drive. Now thousands of customers from all over the world are using okcoil linear motion drives.

Okcoil rolling ring linear drives deliver high performance for a variety of linear motion control application for reciprocating, positioning and indexing linear motion operations, for example they can be used in manufacturing equipment requiring a linear motion component such as winding (cable, wire & fiberoptic), slicing, spooling, positioning, indexing, slitting, spraying, loading, scanning, transferring, measuring, converting, packaging, material handling and a variety of other machines. Rolling ring linear drive is a effective type of linear actuator.

Okcoil rolling ring drives do not require programming or complex controls in order to reverse travel direction. The linear speed of the traverse is adjustable without changing gears. Special enhancements to improve accuracy and efficiency in linear motion are available. Okoil rolling ring drives are unmatched at lowering production and maintenance costs while boosting productivity.

Use Okcoil linear drive now, enhance performance, lower your cost at once!
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