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Features and Benefits of Rolling Ring Linear Drive


features and benefits of rolling ring linear drives

Simple controls
Reversal of direction of rolling ring linear unit is automatic, instantaneous and purely mechanical without clutches, cams, gears, complex control systems, or expensive motors. Besides assuring longer life of the overall system, freedom from a complex and costly control system results in reduced set-up costs and lower maintenance expenditures. With simpler controls there are fewer electrical and mechanical problems and production machinery downtime is reduced. Periodic lubrication of the rolling ring drive shaft and reversal mechanism is the only maintenance required.

Smooth, unthreaded drive shaft
Because there are no threads on the rolling ring drive shaft, the Okcoil rolling ring drive requires no bellows assembly to protect the shaft from debris and dirt. The shaft remains clog-free. Additionally, the drive box will "slip," not jam, in the event of overload whereas a threaded shaft can continue to "churn," causing damage to expensive system components. No shaft cleaning means less downtime - better production rates.

Traversing housing accepts load directly
For light, uniform loads, there is no need to use linear bearings, slide mechanisms or other load carrying devices. Payloads may be attached directly to the "nut." For heavier or overhung loads, Okcoil rolling ring drive can provide an optional linear slide load carrier.

Free movement on shaft
A free movement lever permits manual or pneumatically actuated positioning of the drive head while the system is stopped. Screw-based systems require the shaft to turn in order to move the nut.

Backlash free
Rolling ring engineering eliminates backlash. Even when reversing or changing pitch, there is no play between shaft and bearings. When the shaft turns, the rotational movement is immediately converted into linear output. To accomplish this with other devices requires the purchase of more expensive preloaded nuts.

Stepless Speed regulation:
With no need to change the rotation speed of the shaft of rolling ring drive, just a push to the indicator on the scale dial will allow you to adjust the speed of reciprocating linear motion of rolling ring traverse drive on the shaft so that requirement for the accurate regulation of the traverse pitch can be met.

Instantaneous Reversal:
With no need to change the shaft direction of rotation, the rolling ring drive will instantly move in the reverse direction when the reversal trigger roller snaps the (reversal) end stop.

Release Feature:
With no need to stop the rotation of the shaft, just a turning of the release lever for 90 degrees in the direction as the arrow indicates will stop the rolling ring traverse drive from automatic movement, and the rolling ring traverse drive can be pushed freely along the shaft.

High Traverse Speed:
The shaft speed of rotation can be up to 1000rpm, so it can meet the operational requirement for the high traverse speed and the frequent traverse. It is a effective linear motion drive to used in rotary to linear motion, linear motion control.

17 sizes meet most requirements
A wide range of Okcoil rolling ring linear drive sizes accommodate varying payloads and axial thrust requirements. In most cases, an off-the-shelf unit will meet your needs. If not, an Okcoil applications engineer can assist you in selecting a custom Okcoil rolling ring linear drive.

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