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copper rod continuous casting machine

  • Description

 1. Upward continuous casting machine for copper  rod ,brass rod .
2. main technical parameters
2.1 Equipment Type: SYJ1008-I3
2.2 Annual production capacity:5000tons
2.3 Furnace structure:combined furnace of 3 parts(2 melting furnace and 1 insulting furnce)
2.4 Number of casting rods:10
2.5 Diameter of casting rod:8mm
2.6 Upward going speeding : 0~3000mm/min
2.7 Annual working hours:7200 hours
2.8 Liquid level tracing precision: ±2mm
2.9 Specification of coils: φ700mm×φ1600mm×1200mm
2.10 Copper melting speed: 600kg/h
2.11 Power consumption of copper melting : <350kwh/ton
2.12 Winding mode:the winding speed ,curve rate and rotary speed of the bobbins are automatically under the control of frequency variation speed adjuster
2.13 Take-wheel drive mode: driven by a gear motor, cylinder contro
2.14 Feeding methods:electric hoisting block for the feeding of whole lumps of electrolytic copper
2.15 Driving mode of upward movement:AC slaver motor,transmission chain is a zero clearance synchronized tooth belt
2.16 Fixture mode of the upward going copper rod:cylinder fixture(valve is Senior Graphic valve)
Data and automated record-keeping system for large-screen display of computer, Servo motor controlled by a separate touch screen
3 principle
Unit will be frequency induction furnace by electrolytic copper melted into liquid, by covering the surface of the charcoal or graphite phosphorus plate and the air isolation (to prevent
oxidation of copper solution) was holding furnace to control the copper liquid temperature 1150 ℃ ± 10 ℃, continuous casting machine to copper liquid crystal in the mold quickly
produce copper rods continuously, and finally received by the double-headed line of machines and other auxiliary equipment into plate and serve products.

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